AzurSG is a new minigame server that provides unique twist's to each fun game. we are a small server so dont expect lots of people. there are many ways to get coins, to upgrade, buy FC (Fighting Companions) and to buy power ups in certain minigames.


Survival Games

SurvivalGames a plugin that challenges each player to survive as long as he can among his foes! loot chests and gain advantages on others! you can also find that friendly guy who wants to team with you and help you eliminate others, last man standing wins!

Unique Features

Fighting Companions

Fighting Companions lets you buy a Pet that will hel pyou fight against your foes.

this is a one time game purchase. there are many to choose from each with their own special ability


Cube Runner

Players are thrown into an arena. The only goal: Survive!
Run for your life as blocks fall on top of your head and try to crush your opponents and survive the longest.

Unique Features

Potion Upgrades

Poiton upgrades lets you buy set poitons for the game your in, from Speed boost to Jump Boost.

we are constantly adding new Potion Upgrades and also constantly adding new maps for you to play.